A. Limited to American cars only. No compacts or convertibles.
B. Outside appearance must be stock.
C. All glass and flammable material must be removed.
D. Headlights. Taillights and wheel covers must be removed.
E. Doors may be hulled.
F. Doors must be strapped, welded or bolted.
G. Fenders may be cut for tire clearance.
H. Front wheel wells may be removed.
I. Area between driver and gas tank must be totally covered with sheet metal.
J. Window openings may not be covered with any material.
K. Bumpers must be stock for make and model and be securely attached.
Plastic noise pieces and rear bumpers permitted.
L. Must have lifting hook for wrecker.
M. Must display cubic inch and weight on hood.
N. An 8" spoiler is permitted.
O. Car must have a complete firewall and complete floor pan that extends past the driver's seat.

A. Must be stock for make and model.
B. Loop around engine compartment permitted.
C. Two bars may run from top of main roll cage loop to rear frame rails.
D. Wheelbase must be stock for make and model.
E. Steering must be stock for make and model.

A. Racing fuel permitted. No Alcohol.
B. Electric fuel pumps NOT permitted.
C. Nitrous oxide, superchargers or turbo chargers are not permitted.
D. Fuel Cell recommended.

RADIATORS -- Stock type or aluminum radiators allowed.

STARTERS -- All cars must start under its own power.

A. Up to 365 cubic inches, must weigh 3,000 lbs.
B. Over 365 cubic inches, must weigh 3200 Lbs.
C. 602 sealed crate engines legal weight 2,900 lbs.
D. Weight must be posted on RIGHT side of roof post.

A. Must be stock for make and model.
B. Racing spring permitted, 5" minimum. Steel body racing shocks only. No canister and No adjustable shocks allowed. One working shock per wheel permitted. EXTRA shocks must be drilled and no fluid
C. Cars with coil spring rear suspension may run wedge screws on rear.
D. Aftermarket control arm bushings permitted aftermarket ball joints permitted.
E. Wedge screws permitted on front with aftermarket A-arms.

A. Must be stock for make of car. (Example - 350 must have 350 crank / 400 must have 400 crank)
B. Must be in original location.
C. Maximum of 0.60 overbore permitted.
D. Any flat tappet cam. No rollers. No Mushroom
E. Small block Chevy and Ford engines only.
F. Any Cast Aluminum Intake permitted. Can be port matched to head, but no more than a 1 in. grind permitted on intake.
G. No porting or polishing inside intake. No modifications in intakes on sealed crate engines (no port matching on 602 engines).
H. Any STEEL OEM 23 degree head allowed, no after markets.
I. No angle cut heads. Three (3) valve jobs permitted. Max. valve size Intake 2.020 / Exhaust 1.600
J. Roller Rockers permitted any ratio. No shaft rockers unless OEM for make of car.

A. Stock steel flywheel only. No high performance fly wheels. Fly wheel must weigh no less than 14 lbs.
B. Pressure plate and clutch must be stock, for make and model - 10" minimum dia. on clutch.
C. Triple Disc Clutches permitted. Must add 100 Lbs.

A. One carburetor only. 750 cfm max. No Dominator or Predator Carbs allowed.
O.E.M. Quadra jet Carbs Legal
B. One 1 inch spacer/adaptor permitted. No part of spacer/adaptor may protrude into intake manifold.

IGNITION: A. Stock style HEI or points type.
B. No MSD type boxes. No Traction Control

A. Headers allowed. No porting and polishing.
B. Any car judged to be too loud by the track officials, under race conditions, may be black flagged.

A. Stock three or four speed. Must have all forward and reverse gears.
B. Automatic transmission permitted. Must have torque converter. No modifications.

A. Any OEM or floater Allowed. Must have stock BRAKES.
B. No wide 5 hubs, may run wide 5 wheel adaptors.
C. No EXTRA bars on rear end top link, Pan hard Bar, Etc.
D. No Quick Change Rear Ends

BRAKES -- Must be stock for make and model. Must have 4 operational brake calipers and rotors. After market "Dual" master cylinders permitted.

A. 12" steel wheels maximum. Over sized lug nuts mandatory.
B. American Racer PRO 2, spec 48's or 56's Hoosier spec 1350, 21, 1600's
C. Premium rib tires must add 50 lb.
D. Goodyear 45 and 50 permitted. Consult tech inspectors before racing these tires.
E. 8 inch tires and wheels permitted, any compound. 75 lb. weight break for 8 in tires. No Tire Prep
F. Tires must have all numbers and names on the tire. No grinding off of numbers or names.
G. Tires may and will be confiscated at any time the officials deem necessary for samples or to check for tire prep in or outside the tire. TCR has a no tolerance rule for tire treatment or prep to these tires. If TCR takes a sample from you, your money will be held until the results have been returned to TCR. TCR tech official's decision will be final and there will be NO resending of the samples.

Must have a 3" shoulder harness and seat belt, attached to the roll cage. Seat belts must meet S.F.I. specs. Aluminum Seats only. A shoulder brace kit or a containment seat is strongly recommended. Must have approved fire extinguisher. Must have fuel cell mounted with 2" metal straps. Hanz device or any head and neck restraint is strongly recommended. There will be a 50lb. penalty for those who don't have one.

A. One Head -- $350.00
B. Oil Pan -- $300.00
C. Valve Cover -- $100.00
D. Clutch and Flywheel -- $250.00
E. Bottom End--$600.00
F. Any item not found listed is considered a visual protest item and must be protested before race and not after.

Track reserves the right to delete, change or amend rules in the interest of competition.