Tri-County Racetrack sets forth a set of policies and procedures to be held in accordance to all events, competitors, and spectators.

Tri-County Racetrack reserves the right to allow any competitor to compete and track officials will determine if any competitor is allowed to compete for any length of time that is determined by track official or management.

Tri-County Racetrack reserves the right to remove any person, competitor or spectator for unruly conduct. Example: arguing, fighting, or general misbehaving. Said management will determine the length of time said person must not attend events at said facility.

Tri-County Racetrack reserves the right to determine if any competitors car is legal in accordance to the prewritten rules for each division that competes at said facility, any determination of legality will be the decision of tech director employed at said facility and will not be determined by management or any other track employee.

Any decision made by tech director will be made at time of inspection and decision will be final.

Tri-County Racetrack reserves the right to inspect any competitor's car at any time of any event to determine if competitor's equipment meets prewritten rules. Track inspection will be conducted by Track Tech Director; any decision will be final at time of inspection.

Tri-County Racetrack reserves the right to amend prewritten rules for the better interest of competition.

Upon the event a competitors car is found to not comply with the prewritten rules of said division Tech official will determine penalty of said offence and competitor will forfeit all monies and points for said event.

Tri-County Racetrack reserves the right to remove any competitor from competition for unsafe or intent ally causing damage or harm to other competitors. Penalty for said offence will be made by track officials at time of incident and any decision will be final. Any competitor or crew members of competitor that comes to track tower to argue will be removed by track security and said competitor will be removed from competition with all points and monies forfeited for said event.

Tri-County Racetrack reserves the right to add or cancel events for the interest of competition or in the event of in climate weather said management will determine running order of events.

In the event a partially completed event is postponed by in climate weather all events not completed due to in climate weather will be held on the following event.

Management will determine if admission ticket will be honored for next event, all decisions of management will be final.

Tri-County Racetrack reserves the right to determine when admission tickets will be honored. When management sets refund date said date will be final and no other date will be honored.

Management reserves the right to not refund admission ticked money.

In the event that an event is timed out by time of 12:00am curfew any UN run classes will be run the following event as a double header with the line up from first event predetermined lineup order with payout set from previous timed out event. No ticket money or free admission will be granted.

Tri-County Racetrack management reserves the right to put any driver on probation for Unruly behavior or harmful or reckless driving. Tri-County Management will determine the length of time a driver's probation period will be and decision will be final.

Drivers that are on probation will NOT be eligible to receive Race points and are not eligible to perform protest to other cars that compete in probationed driver's class.

Only drivers that finish directly behind protested car is eligible to protest other competitor. Their will be no counter protesting by car being protested. Any protesting car may only protest ONE car per event.

Only drivers can protest cars, not crew members or car owners and protest fees must be posted to tech director within 5 minutes of checkered flag falling.

The only people allowed in tear down area during a protest are the track officials Tech Director, the person tearing down the engine and three (3) people with the protested car. (NO EXECPTIONS)

Anyone in the tear down area must respect tech directors decision or be removed by track security.

Once a car is removed from tech area a decision will be made and race results will be final and then class payout will be made.

If the tear down is postponed until the following week, all money will be held until the tear down is completed. Once tear down is complete track management will contact all other teams with results and make arrangements concerning the payout of the said division.

There is to be NO changing of numbers on the tires or chemically altered tires on any car competing in a race at Tri-County Racetrack in any division being run at Tri-County Racetrack.

Tri-County Race Track reserves the right to confiscate and keep any competitors tire at any time in any division during an event at Tri-County Race Track. Once a race team has a tire confiscated or a sample took from the tire, all money will be held from the said race team until the results are returned from the test. Anyone caught with chemically altered tires at Tri-County Racetrack will not be paid any prize money and receive no points for the night. Other infractions from this will be determined by track management after the results are in from the test.

Payout will be made the night of said event. Any awards money not picked up will be forfeited to track unless previous arrangements have been made by the race team and Tri-County Race Track management.

Only drivers will be eligible to pick up pay out money. Any one else picking up drivers money must have drivers ID.

All drivers are required to use Raceceiver and no other form of communication will be allowed.

Any driver exiting the racing surface for any reason at any time will start at the rear of racing field.

Any driver causing a caution flag will restart event from rear of the lead lap.

Any driver driving past hot pit area will be considered out of the race and racing will resume. The hot pit area is from the BIG water tank area to the concession stand. If you drive past the corner of the concession stand, racing will resume.

Any driver hitting other competitor's car under caution will automatically be disqualified and under the discretion of the track management said driver will receive penalty decided by management and decision will be final.

Any driver that exits car on racing surface will automatically be disqualified from said event. (The only exception for this rule is if the car is on FIRE)

If any driver exits his or her car the RED Flag will be displayed immediately until driver is contained.

Tri-County Racetrack management reserves the right to amend track policies and procedures to promote better sportsmanship and competition.