A. This class is for stock cars that have a unibody with a full stock pan and steel body.
B. Any car that has any aluminum body parts ad 50 LB.
C. Tube cars Add 50 LB.
D. 6" inch max height X 60" max width rear spoiler. Can't go over side of quarter panel. Must be self supporting, no spill plates.
E. Maximum wheel base is 101 inches (+ - 1 inch) Minimum wheel base is 92 inches (+ - 1 inch)
F. Wheel base must match body.
G. No front-wheel drives.
H. No rear engine cars.
I. No independent rear suspensions.
J. No rotary engines.
K. Interior body panels and dash may be removed.
L. All plastic, glass, emblems, etc. must be removed.
M. All exterior body panels and hood must be stock.
N. Front and rear bumper covers allowed, covers must be made of rubber or flexible plastic material. (Rear covers optional)
O. No tubing of any kind permitted outside the front bumper.
P. No skid plates, bars, and pipes anywhere on racecar.

A. Must be stock suspension.
B. No coil over. (Toyota's permitted OEM coil over only)
C. Screw jacks permitted.
D. Caster/Camber Plates permitted.
E. Steel Struts only. NO Aluminum Struts permitted.
F. SHOCKS: Must be NON Adjustable with NO Hyme ends and NO Schrader Vales.
E. After market control arm bushings allowed.

A. Gas only (racing fuel allowed)
B. Fuel cell may be moved to trunk area. Must have adequate firewall between the driver and fuel cell.

A. Engine must be in stock location.
B. Inline 4 cyl. Engines only.
C. All engines must have flat top pistons only. Dome pistons are illegal for all engines EXCEPT for 1600 and 1800 Toyota.
D. 1600 and 1800 Toyota permitted to run dome pistons of .235 maximum dome height.
E. Maximum Bore & Stroke (This is std. Bore + 0.60)
GM 2.5 Bore-4.060 Stroke - 3.000 must weigh 2500lbs.
Ford 2000ccBore-3.635 Stroke-3.029 must weigh 2050lbs.
Ford2300ccBore-3.841 Stroke-3.126 must weigh 2300lbs.
Toyota20R Bore-3.544 Stroke-3.504 must weigh 2250lbs.
Toyota22R Bore-3.682 Stroke-3.504 must weigh 2450lbs.
Toyota 1600 and 1800 must weigh 2100lbs.
Any engines not listed consult Tech Inspector.
F. No porting or polishing of head or intake.
G. Multi - angle valve job allowed. Machine cut only. Bowl cut allowed but must not touch the valve guide.
H. Adjustable cam pulleys permitted, may use a multi keyway cam pulley.
I. Headers permitted must have muffler.
J. Any hydraulic lift cam allowed for GM 2.5 and Ford 2300cc.
K. Solid lift cams in the 2300 Ford allowed. Solid lift cams must add (50 lb.) in front of fire wall.
L. Ford 2000cc & Toyota 20R & 22R solid lift cams allowed, Ford 2000cc & Toyota 20R & 22R may use Maximum .425 lift at valve with .025 lash at valve for solid.
M. NO Roller Cams
N. Maximum Valve Size:
GM 2.5 INTAKE 1.720 EXH. 1.500
FORD 2000cc INTAKE 1.654 EXH. 1.417
FORD 2300cc INTAKE 1.740 EXH. 1.500
TOYOTA 20R INTAKE 1.693 EXH. 1.379
TOYOTA 22R INTAKE 1.752 EXH. 1.437
Any engines not listed consult Tech Inspector.
O. Any distributor. No Ignition Boxes permitted. No Traction Control.
P. Aftermarket water pump and crank pulley allowed.
Q. Stock intake manifold only.
R. May use one carburetor spacer or adapter 1 inch total thickness + .030 tolerance/ No part of spacer
or adaptor may enter intake plenum and two standard gaskets (maximum 0.080 inch thick), one
gasket between intake to spacer or adapter and one gasket between spacer or adaptor to carburetor.
S. Carburetor any Motorcraft or 350 Holley Max.
T. 500 cfm Holley Carburetor add 50lbs. in front of firewall.
U. No fuel injection.
V. No aluminum 2000 or 2300 Ford heads.

A. Stock OEM type transmission only and must have all gears working forward and reverse gear working backward.
B. Must have stock type clutch and pressure plate.
C. No racing clutches, ram couplers, or direct drives.
D. Stock steel flywheel only, flywheel must weigh a minimum of 16 lbs.
E. Any driveshaft permitted. 1 ½" minimum O.D.

A. Must be OEM stock housing for make of car.
B. Housing cannot be modified for gear clearance.
C. May lock differential.
D. No aluminum or exotic material inside the housing. (steel only)
E. No gun drilled axles.

A. Headers permitted. Mufflers are mandatory.
B. Any commercially manufactured muffler permitted, No homemade mufflers.

A. Steel wheels only (max. 8" width)
B. Any street tires permitted. No mud grips and no recaps
American Racer MD 57
Hoosier RC 400
C. Tires must have all numbers and names on the tire. No grinding off of numbers or names. Tires may and will be confiscated at any time the officials deem necessary for samples or to check for tire prep to these tires. If TCR takes a sample from you, your money will be held until the results have been returned to TCR. TCR tech official's decision will be final and there will be NO resending of the samples.
C. Bead locks permitted.

A. Push bars front and rear permitted.
B. Front push bar must stay behind front bumper.
C. Rear push bar may be attached to rear bumper.

A. This weight not counting any penalties
GM 2.5 must weigh 2500lb.
Ford 2000cc must weigh 2050lb.
Ford 2300cc must weigh 2300lb.
Toyota 20R must weigh 2250lb.
Toyota 22R must weigh 2450lb.
Toyota 1800 must weigh 2100lb.
Toyota 1600 must weigh 2100lb.
Any engines not listed consult Tech Inspector
B. One pound per lap burn off after race.
C. All weight must be bolted on with two (2) ½" bolts.
D. Track reserves the right to adjust weights in interest of competition should it deem necessary.

A. All cars must have 3" inch seat belts with shoulder harness and must be attached to roll cage.
B. We strongly recommend that all cars have an approved fire extinguisher system, securely mounted, within easy reach of driver.
C. A 5lb. Holon System is recommended.
D. All drivers must wear a complete fire suit.
E. Hanz device or any head and neck restraint is strongly recommended. There will be a 50lb. penalty for those who don't have one.

$200.00 pull head, check head, intake, carburetor and bore & stroke.
$200.00 pull transmission and check clutch and weigh flywheel.

NOTE: The 8 rule/ we will allow .008 thousandths on Valves and the bore and stroke.

Track reserves the right to delete, change, or amend rules in the interest of competition